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While fall may have arrived in Madison this weekend (it was 68 degrees and cloudy), our CSA delivery was summer in a box! I can't wait to cook this week; I need some kitchen therapy to recover from last week's horrendousness at work. Know that bumper sticker that reads, "Mean People Suck”? Well, they really do!

But enough about that — time for the good stuff. Our Driftless Organics CSA box contained lots of goodies from all corners of the world. Italy was heavily represented with gorgeous cippolini onions, zucchini, Chioggia beets and basil. We’ll be hitting India with some curried cauliflower (aloo gobi); China with some lo mein and stir-fried green beans; France with some freshly ground sausage patties seasoned with herbes de Provence and served with cabbage sautéed in beurre noisette (aka brown butter). We’ll be heading across the border with some escabèche-style veggies that are great with a cold beer and some tortilla chips. Hopefully work won’t get in the way of cooking this week and I’ll have lots to share.

In our CSA box:
Cippolini onions
Collard Greens
Fresh Garlic
Green Beans
Garnet and Chioggia beets
Green Zucchini
Pickling Cucumbers
Red Cabbage
Red Romaine Lettuce

Menu: week of 19 July 2009
Day of rest (even a foodie needs a day off)
Monday: Curried cauliflower with basmati rice
Tuesday: Garlicky sautéed collards on fresh ricotta bruschetta with roasted beet salad
Wednesday: Stir-fried green beans with spicy ground turkey
Thursday: Caramelized cippolini and zucchini pizza with chevre and oregano
Friday: Fresh garlic lo mein with stir-fried sesame broccoli topped with a fried egg
Saturday: Homemade sausage with sautéed red cabbage in beurre noisette
Extra, Extras! Escabèche-style pickled veggies, zucchini bread and a big batch of pesto for the freezer

What’s on the menu at your house? I would love to know what you’re cooking this week!

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  1. fab menu and you can really cook hope this week is better for you

  2. thanks, you're sweet. this week is better already.