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The snowing has been flying in Madison the last couple of days and the forecast calls for a blizzard starting later today — 12 inches of the white stuff, to be exact. One part of me loves snow; the other part of me — the one that commutes in it — loathes it with every fiber of my being. Pickle has been utterly fascinated by it; he wants to touch it and taste it and play in it. It's so cool to watch him experience things for the first time ... makes the loathing part of me flee quite quickly.

Anyway, we've been busy bees of late. We trekked out in the wood to cut down a Christmas tree; I got sicker than a dog — as my Dad has been known to say — late Saturday night (yuck), and we had another house showing yesterday (third time for this potential buyer; crossing fingers and toes this is the one!), which means that I did little-to-no cooking this weekend. Boo hoo.

I did manage to make a big batch of macaroni and cheese with puréed squash folded into the rich and delicious Mornay sauce. I used conchiglie (shells) for the pasta and whole wheat bread for the bread crumbs and it turned out pretty well.

With this rapidly approaching winter wonderland, I am hoping to bake some cookies. Here's what I think I'll make this year for sharing and eating (it's a very choco-centric list):
Whole-wheat shortbread dipped in dark chocolate
Dark-chocolate Scottish oat biscuits
Dark chocolate and pistachio crisps
Coconut brittle

And here's our menu for the week:

Menu: week of 6 December 2009
Sunday: Roasted squash macaroni and cheese with mixed greens vinaigrette
Monday: out to dinner at Cafe Porta Alba (if you haven't been there, go now!)
Tuesday: Italian sausage, kale and cannelini bean stew
Wednesday: Curried beef pie
Thursday: Carrot soup with toasted almonds
Friday: Turkish eggs with yogurt in a spicy sage butter

Happy eating, baking, cooking, shoveling, snowman-building and frolicking in the snow! -s.

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