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As I write this, we have all of our windows open and I am drinking a very summery Dark and Stormy. All of this on the ninth day of October; what odd weather we’ve been having. Now I am an admitted Weather Channel junkie who loves to know what the weather will be and when the forecast is inevitably wrong, I always complain about it, to which my husband always asks me, “why do you keep watching it then?” He makes a good point. But, besides helping me figure out what to wear, the weather really does drive what I cook. Who wants squash soup for dinner when it’s 80 degrees outside even if those squash are in season?

It was our second to last CSA box this weekend, which makes me sad. It’s been a really great season with Driftless Organics and I always think of our boxes as little biweekly gifts. We hit the farmers’ market as well to pick up apples and some other essentials. Here’s what we’re eating.

At the market and in the box:
Bell Pepper
Butternut Squash
Current and cardamon rolls
Daikon radish
Green-top Carrots
Heart of Gold Squash
Lacinato Kale
Red Leaf Lettuce
Red Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes

Menu: week of 9 October 2010
Saturday: Banh mi with sweet potato fries
Sunday: Panko-crusted pork chops with homemade applesauce and sauteed kale
Monday: Lucques-style onion tart with roasted broccoli
Tuesday: Turkish-style roasted carrots and parsnips with hummus, yogurt and pita
Wednesday: spicy chiles and pork stir-fry with jasmine rice
Thursday: Spanish tortilla with homemade garlic aioli
Friday: Roasted squash salad with lardons and spinach

Happy eating, -s.

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