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I will never complain about the heat while living in Wisconsin. Our summers are so short in comparison to our winters, that I will take the heat, the humidity, the severe weather and the bugs. But, I must say, this week is going to be hot; damn hot. Every day, all-day, 90+ degrees hot. The perfect remedy is my refreshing watermelon-lime slushy.

My younger brother and his wife were in town last week and Chris did the grocery shopping, as he was barbequing a 9-lb pork shoulder for the occassion. Back from Costco (where we typically don't get food items besides cooking olive oil and nuts), came a 3-pound container of sour cream (holy s%#$) and a huge-ass watermelon.

I'm still working my way through the sour cream (I tackled a sour-cream coffee cake for Sunday morning breakfast; I may be churning some sour cream ice cream to top a raspberry crisp ... or maybe some corn muffins with green onions and sour cream to accompany barbequed chicken ... any other ideas are welcomed!).

With the huge-ass watermelon, besides slices accompanying every meal, I've been whipping up watermelon slushies, which are in no way related to the artifically flavored/dyed 7-11 slushy. These are the essense of watermelon, with a kick of lime zest and juice. The perfect remedy to a hot day. Adults can add a jigger or two of rum or vodka, if they must.

Watermelon-Lime Slushies
serves 4 thirsty bambinos or adults

2-3 large wedges of watermelon, rinds removed
1/2 cup cold water or limeade, if you have it.
juice and zest of two limes
1 tablespoon sugar
2 cups ice

In a blender, add the water and watermelon wedges. Blend until foamy, pink and smooth. Add lime juice, zest and sugar and blend until incorporated, about 30 seconds. Taste and adjust seasoning, adding more watermelon, lime juice/zest. I wouldn't add anymore sugar, but that's just me.

Add the ice and blitz until smooth and slushy.
Drink quickly with requisite straws.

At the Market
sugar snap peas
green beans
Dreamfarm goat cheese
baby zucchini
rainbow swiss chard
golden beets with greens
Italian paste tomatoes
red onions

Menu: week of 16 July 2011
Saturday: Key West shrimp salad sandwiches with green beans vinaigrette
Sunday: crunchy tacos with refried beans, sauteed beet greens and fresh goat cheese
Monday: sauteed baby zucchini and Italian sausage with oriecchiette and opal basil
Tuesday: pork and green bean stir-fry with cashews and steamed jasmine rice
Wednesday: chicken cutlets Milanese with oven-roasted paste tomatoes
Thursday: ricotta frittata with swiss chard and red onions
Friday: carryout
Happy eating, -s.

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