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Hello, darling readers! I was home with the due bambini the last two days for our "spring" break, which was wonderful, but I need some warm weather. Now. I'm tired of wearing socks. We're supposedly going to have a "warming trend" this weekend, but I am not holding my breathe. I would love to take a run outside; the treadmill is losing its luster by this point.
The Klein boys and I went on a walk yesterday and it took 20 minutes just to put on all the gear to head out -- boots, mittens, hats, snowpants, coats. I was sweating by the time we got out the door! Then, James found this HUGE puddle/mini-lake and fell in it, and got wet through to his diaper! So we had to start it all over again. I'm pooped just thinking about it. We did manage to follow bunny tracks in the snow, take a long walk, find every puddle on said walk and get totally, soaking wet. It was great. We ate well, as you can imagine, with Rhys and I making a batch of peanut-butter cookies together -- Rhys did all of the cross-hatching himself. What a big boy!
My mom and dad are coming to our house for Easter, so I get to cook dinner on Sunday, which I'm really excited about. We are, of course, having pork. I am doing an Italian-ish meal since I have many palates to please, and who doesn't like Italian food ... and wine?!
Easter breakfast will be luxurious scrambled eggs, Willow Creek Farm sausage links, fruit and this recipe from the Smitten Kitchen that just screams, "Sarah, make me!"
Here's our Easter menu with links to recipes:
primi piatti: lemon risotto
secondi: porchetta-style pork roast, roasted asparagus and a citrus salad
dolci: homemade ice cream by Mr. Klein -- maybe buttermint from Jeni's cookbook? TBD
And here's what we're eating this week:
Sunday: Roasted asparagus and Italian sausage pizza
Monday: Parmesan chicken paillards with caesar salad
Tuesday: Asian peanut noodles with steamed broccoli and sesame-oil fried eggs
Wednesday: Ham and gouda torta sandwiches with a mandarin-orange salad
Thursday: Black beans and rice with roasted sweet potatoes and pepitas
Friday: for the kiddos -- fish "nuggets" from trader joe's and applesauce; for the adults -- roasted sockeye salmon kedgeree from Nigella Bites.

 Happy eating, -s.

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