frenchie french shake your booty friday

By Friday, June 07, 2013

Maybe it's all the rosé I've been consuming of late, but I am a little bit obsessed with all things French this week. Here's a little la chanson to kick off the weekend.

My dear friend Shannon hosted a French-themed book club last week and since then all I have been thinking of is fromage and baguettes and champagne! Her cheese course was an ode to the French with a true local focus; here's what she served (copy for your next party):
Everything listed below can be found at the fabulous shop, Fromagination, on Madison's lovely Capitol Square.
Hard cheese: THE Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Soft cheese: Petit Frère from Crave Brothers
Blue cheese: Dunbarton Blue
Accompaniments: Quince and Apple's fig and black tea preserves; dried figs, assorted crackers and a lovely mixed green salad.
Have a lovely weekend ... see you on the flip side.
Happy eating, -s.

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