coveting ... buca boot

By Friday, October 04, 2013

Covet: to want (something that you do not have) very much. While I don't even own a bike (I know; I live in Madison, WI, Bike City of the Midwest ... shameful), I want a Buca Boot nonetheless.

The Buca Boot is the super-stylish and genius invention of my gorgeous, smart, fun and utterly charming friend, Kathryn, who indeed owns a bike and rides it EVERYWHERE in her adopted home of Boston. Like a postman, Kathryn rides her bike no matter the weather, but as a successful economist, she cannot schlep into work soaking wet or covered in snow ... enter the Buca Boot. Place those Louboutins in the Buca Boot and they arrive safely and soundly - with a stop at the cafe for coffee - to their final destination.

What's great about the Buca Boot is that it has the flexibility and ease of a bike basket with the security and weather-proofing of a car trunk. Plus it's just plain beautiful with wood and brass and lacquered finishes.

So, while you can't have instant gratification ... you can have a Buca Boot if you head over to kickstarter and pledge a buck or a cold $200 to make this really smart and stylish accessory a reality.

Happy wanting, -s.


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