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I don't make new year's resolutions, but by looking at the increased members at my gym, it appears many people do. Inspired by my sister Holley and her annual list of goals, I am setting a few goals of my own. My little family and I have a lot on our plates this new year, so most of my time will be spent looking for a new job, a new house and possibly a new city in which to live ... all TBD at this point ... but the few things I want to accomplish for me, for fun, for a new experience I can easily squeeze in, right? Eek!

So, here it is ... in writing, so I can be held accountable:
1. get two pieces of writing published.
2. eat as locally and seasonally as possible and talk to and ask more questions of my favorite farmers at the market.
3. make the following foods: red and green curry pastes, yogurt, duck confit, pork steamed buns a la Momofuku (I love them so), sausage, beef tongue, grilled octopus and my grandmother's famous Lithuanian dumplings.
4. Chinese food: my new frontier.
5. go on a short trip with my husband ... sans Pickle (that's a biggie).

What are your goals for this new year and new decade?

Oh, and here's our menu for the week ...

Menu: week of 3 January 2010
Sunday: Provencal-style short ribs with mashed potatoes
Monday: grass-fed beef empanadas with sultanas, peas and egg served with an apple-celery slaw with toasted almonds in a sherry-maple vinaigrette
Tuesday: short rib tacos with avocado, red chile salsa and homemade refried black beans
Wednesday: sauteed lacinato kale with fresh ricotta bruschetta
Thursday: lentil salad with curry spices and yogurt from my new Field of Greens cookbook from Holley (thanks!).
Friday: Caesar salad with poached eggs from Michel Roux's lovely cookbook, Eggs.

Happy eating, -s.

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  1. Those are good goals, Sarah, especially the one about getting away with the hubs! I have one food goal which is to plan and prepare a nice dinner from a recipe once per week with enough for leftovers. Ryan has the same goal so we should be set 4/7 days. Baby steps.

  2. baby steps are good and I think that is a totally achievable goal ... let me know if you need any recipes!