things I need to make before summer comes to an end

By Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I don't like thinking about summer's end, but this weekend is supposed to be damn cold for August (63 degrees and cloudy, brrr) and it makes me sad – there's so much cooking, grilling and sweating to do before September 22 and the first, official day of fall.

Here's the list of things I want to cook while still in season:
1. panzanella: our fall back is the Barefoot Contessa's solid take, but featured a Panzanella Caprese – how's that for a marriage made in heaven? May have to veer off course for that one!
2. grilled red bell peppers to sock away in the freezer for the long winter ahead
3. plum or apricot crostata with sour cream ice cream
4. fresh corn pancakes with maple syrup and butter: yum
5. grilled lamb chops with mint-pistachio pesto
6. corn and poblano soup – check out my recipe here.

What are you still craving to eat this summer?

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