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Oh, wow. That's what Pickle has been saying a lot lately: hear that plane? oh, wow! I just unfolded an entire load of already folded laundry. Oh, wow! Or, check out this a hole in the sidewalk - I can stick my finger in it. Oh, wow! And, I'm not going to eat anything except raspberries. Oh, wow!

Oh, no is more like it. Yes, Pickle has finally entered the picky zone. The zone where only one food will do ... for days, a week, maybe even a month. While raspberries are fairly healthful when it comes to obsessions, seeing your beautifully cooked dinner sit, congealing, while your child scarfs down raspberry after raspberry sends me into near convulsions.

Many a day I feel like a short order cook. I make a child-variation of the dinner we're having for Pickle, customizing it to his palate and chewing ability. For instance, he will eat the corn that we're eating with our steak, so I'll saute his corn with a little zucchini and some Sungold tomatoes and serve it with a scoop of fresh ricotta. Whether he eats it or not is totally up in the air, day to day. I was reading some famous pediatrician's article on feeding toddlers and he explained that some days a toddler will eat everything offered to him; the next he will literally eat nothing but a few bites of food, here or there. Just ride with the waves, he said, he'll get what he needs.

Yeah, ride the waves. If only we were swimming! Here's what two of us, and maybe three, are eating this week.

In our CSA/at the market:
Broccoli: regular and Romanesco
Green Beans
Mustard greens
Red onions
Red lettuce
Sweet peppers
Tomatoes: Juliettes, heirlooms & Sungolds
Yukon gold potatoes
Watermelon ... haven't found out whether it's red or yellow

Menu: week of 13 September 2009
Sunday: BLT pizza with a beet salad in a red wine/walnut oil-vinaigrette
Monday: Sauteed broccoli with spicy whole-wheat noodles, fried-rice style
Tuesday: Sauteed mustard greens with fresh ricotta bruschetta
Wednesday: Banh mi with spicy pineapple-edamame salad
Thursday: Corn pancakes with tomato crudo and Greek yogurt
Friday: Potato gratin with salsa verde
Saturday: Creamy corn soup

Happy eating. -s

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