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The Westside Farmers' Market was abuzz on Saturday. I really enjoyed its more intimate size and accessibility. I was able to do a walk-through before making any purchases to come up with my game-plan, so-to-speak. While the DCFM is impressive in its sheer vastness, sometimes it can be overwhelming to actually do some heavy shopping. Plus, we were able to walk to this market; an added bonus on this glorious Saturday morning.
p.s. I loaded up on the rhubarb since it is a favorite springtime treat ... some went in the freezer and some into a raspberry-rhubarb compote for our yogurt.

At the Market:
Baby heads of lettuce: both romaine and red-leaf
Fresh cottage cheese
Honey sampler: clover, thistle and buckthorn
Mint (has mojito season started already?)
Mixed mustard greens
Red onions

Menu: Week of 25 April 2010
Saturday: Willow Creek Farm's sweet Italian sausage, mushroom and red onion pizza
Sunday: Chef salad with baby lettuce, roasted turkey and Cedar Grove sharp cheddar in a buttermilk-honey dressing
Monday: Sautéed mustard greens and fresh ricotta bruschetta
Tuesday: Shrimp and scallion stir-fry
Wednesday: Asparagus pizza
Thursday: Sauteed beef with scallions and brown rice
Friday: Take-out

Happy eating! -s

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  1. Totally agree. I almost view the DCFM as a social event but the smaller markets are for gettin' down to business.