at the market and what we're eating this week

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before the frost: flowering pineapple sage in my yard
It was the second to the last farmers' market of the season on Saturday; a little bittersweet. While our farmers' markets heads indoors over the cold Wisconsin winter, there's nothing like the fresh air and good smells of the outdoor market to get you inspired to cook.

I slow-cooked a pork shoulder roast on Sunday to provide us with a few meaty meals throughout the week — tacos with cilantro, white onion and avocado, empanadas with hard-boiled eggs, golden raisins and green olives, and twice-cooked pork with black beans and rice. Interlaced, will be some vegetable-heavy meals to highlight our farmers' market bounty — winter squash gratin, potato-rosemary pizza, stir-fried Chinese broccoli and chicken with jasmine rice.

at the market:
Chinese broccoli
Italian flat-leaf parsley

rosemary and flowering oregano in my garden
menu: week of 3 November 2012
Saturday: broccoli, ham and cheese calzones with salsa cruda
Sunday: pork shoulder tacos with cilantro, red onion and avocado
Monday: twice-cooked pork shoulder with black beans and rice
Tuesday: winter squash gratin with mixed greens
Wednesday: empanadas with stewed pork, hard-boiled eggs, golden raisins and green olives; served with homemade applesauce
Thursday: stir-fried Chinese broccoli and chicken with jasmine rice
Friday: potato-rosemary pizza with chevre

happy eating, -s.

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