What we’re eating this week: 12 November 2012

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I missed the last outdoor farmers’ market due to traveling this past weekend. Not the end of the world; I had stocked up enough on winter pantry staples the weekend prior that I’m set to go for this week as well — winter squashes, onions, potatoes, apples and herbs. I was gifted a huge bunch of kale from a generous co-worker, so we had some fresh greens too.

We have a crazy-busy schedule this week; not untypical, but more logistically challenging for some reason. I don’t know what my deal was, but I had a little ADD trying to focus on a healthful menu that wasn’t too tasking for the busy week ahead. Some evening prep was necessary, but nothing elaborate; I made a big batch of white beans for Wednesday and Thursday’s dinners, so there’s a two-for-one deal going on there, too. I also used some arugula pesto frozen during our warm fall as a stand-in to traditional pistou for the soupe. Friday's dinner is my riff on a delicious noodle dish from my favorite Lao/Thai restaurant, Lao Laan Xang. Without further ado, here’s what we’re eating this week.

Menu: week of 12 November 2012
Monday: pasta with sautéed Italian sausage and kale
Tuesday: breaded pork cutlets with apple-fennel slaw with roasted almonds
Wednesday: cold weather soupe au pistou with crusty bread
Thursday: stewed white beans with toasted bread crumbs; served with steamed broccoli
Friday:  fresh rice noodles with ground pork, red curry-coconut sauce, and feathery, wilted cabbage

Happy eating, -s. 

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