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James the Destroyer
From the photo above, of James unloading our recycling bin and playing with a package of toilet paper, while I am trying to hammer out dinner, you can see that even though I know what we're having for dinner and have the ingredients to make it, there is never an elegant moment in our house while I am cooking. Mr. Klein and I like to do a zone-defence approach to watching the kiddos when cooking, but we typically end up on man-to-man (or rather, more accurately, kid-to-kid) coverage as we try to get dinner on the table.

That's one of the main reasons why I menu-plan each week (and have a glass of wine in hand), because if I had to get home and figure out what to make before even starting to cook, I wouldn't have any hair left (and I have a lot of hair!).  There just isn't any time for hesitation in the kitchen when I'm preventing one child from pouring a whole box of Os on the floor (happened), while Chris is placating the other from his third (fake) injury in the last five minutes. I have our menu tacked to the side of the fridge, so I quickly glance to see what we're having for dinner that night and then I just pull out all the ingredients from the fridge and pantry in one fell swoop.

Often, it's so crazy in the kitchen that I run out of time (or forget) to make a side dish or craft some condiment, so there is always fresh fruit and vegetables in the crisper drawer that can quickly be washed and sliced to serve with the meal. Even if no one under the age of 5 eats them, they are there to ease my parental guilt and in case they get the urge to eat it.

For better or for worse, here's what we're having this week for dinner ...
Menu: week of 15 April 2013
Monday: Stir-fried greens with brown rice and poached eggs
Tuesday: Grilled cheese and avocado sandwiches with apple-celery slaw
Wednesday: Mushroom pizza with steamed broccoli on the side
Thursday: Pasta with meat sauce
Friday: Carrot soup with crusty sourdough bread and butter

happy eating, -s.

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