please pass the peas

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sour cherries from our little tree
The market this Saturday was a pea extravaganza -- sugar snaps, snow peas, and, my favorite, English shell peas abound.  There were also gorgeous baby zucchini that would be perfect on a pizza with thyme, lemon zest and feta. My basket was filled with all things green, with some golden beets and yellow zucchini brightening the mix. Spicy arugula, crisp green beans and bushy bunches of cilantro rounded out my shopping. With so much of this earthly goodness to cook with, menu inspiration comes easy these days. 

Our backyard has become a source of fruitful inspiration, with our sour cherry tree bursting with tart, red fruit. Our raspberries are just blushing from the sun -- a few more hot, sunny days and we should be eating berries every day for a few weeks. The Klein boys cannot wait, as I catch them eating barely ripened ones when we're playing outside.

Here's what our market basket contained:
English peas
golden beets with greens
green beans
snow peas
sugar snap peas
zucchini -- green and yellow

And here's what we're eating this week:
Sunday: grilled Italian sausages (made by me!), blanched green beans and watermelon
Monday: kiddos: mozzarella en carozza served with prosciutto, melon and arugula/ mom&pop: arugula salad with melon, prosciutto and fresh mozzarella in a lemony vinaigrette
Tuesday: pasta with sauteed shell peas and parmigiano reggiano/hopefully some raspberries and cream for dessert!
Wednesday: stir-fried snow peas and sesame fried eggs with jasmine rice
Thursday: zucchini pancakes with chive sour cream / served with melon
Friday: roasted golden beet tortas with fresh goat cheese and almond-cilantro pesto

Happy eating, -s.

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