shake your booty friday

By Friday, July 12, 2013

cool rhys; mint awaiting a muddle; berry-splattered piggy; happy james hunting for bunnies

Good golly, it's the weekend. I barely made it through this week! After having a long weekend last week, this whole working-all-5-days is a real downer. We have birthday parties on both Saturday morning and afternoon, so I am hoping that we can hit the pool on Sunday for a long time, with a picnic lunch in the shade. These meaty sandwiches look great .. so do these vegetarian ones. Food just tastes better eaten outside. Hopefully the mosquitoes won't eat us alive as they have been. Pickle has been swelling up around every bite he gets. Poor thing.

p.s. Here's a fun little song to get your booty shaking.

p.p.s My mint is screaming MOJITOS! (hint, hint, Mr. Klein) ... and maybe some farro tabbouleh.

p.p.p.s. I want to make these for Sunday's dinner and these for breakfasts during the work week!

happy eating, -s.

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