shake your booty friday

By Friday, August 23, 2013

Well, I got what I asked for ... it looks like the end of August will be sticky and hot. Lots of ice cream eating is in order. Time to put the ice maker in the freezer. Here are some delicious-looking ice cream recipes just begging to be made:

Dan Barber's corn ice cream

Merrill from Food52 made this super simple and surely just as refreshing lime ice cream

Yum: Sweet Cream and Sugar Cone's brown sugar ice cream with ginger-caramel swirl
p.s. for the hot weekend ahead, here's a song to get your sweating
p.p.s. making this delicious-looking, summer-in-pie-form for dinner this weekend

p.p.p.s. Joy the Baker's fig and almond cake is definitely the way to start a weekend morning.

happy eating, -s.

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  1. I absolutely love that tomato and corn pie recipe -- Smitten Kitchen brought it to my attention a few summers ago and I never forget to make it at least once a season (if you search for the recipe on her website she has a few notes that are useful re: ensuring its not too soupy, etc.). Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Anne! Good tip. Don't you LOVE smitten kitchen. Everything she makes is delicious looking and tasting. Cheers! Sarah xoxo