Happy Birthday, Pickle!

By Friday, April 04, 2014

my sweet birthday boy throughout the years
Sorry, it's been SO LONG! And thanks to everyone who emailed me about my last post about living in the moment – boy, that is tough to do sometimes! The whole taking-a-deep-breath thing just doesn't cut it when you're in the thick of it! But, I'm trying. And that counts for something, right?

Speaking of living in the moment, how did it happen that my sweet, little Pickle is turning six years old tomorrow? Goodness. Time literally leaps out of sight as you get older. Rhys is growing up to be a pretty special kid. He's a really great big brother to James. Today, he was reading James a book before school and it was just so sweet to see (and a nice contrast to the constant wrestling or the wearing of boxes of their heads and colliding into one another and thinking it’s SO funny – um, so not my favorite). He calls James, “Buddy,” when they play or he’s trying to explain something to him. It's pretty amazing to watch these boys of ours.

As I have wrote before on here, Rhys LOVES chocolate – with a deep, abiding passion. So, for his birthday we’re pulling out all of the stops – double-chocolate cookies for his birthday treat at school today and a gutsy Texas sheet cake for candle-blowing tomorrow.
Rhys, I hope you have as special of a birthday as you are! Love you, kiddo.
From a new favorite band … here’s a tune to kick off the weekend.

If you’re craving Thai, make this tonight. Spot on.

Just made these for my parents’ visit – holy smokes!

Here’s some recipes I just need to make:

Canal House's Pork Belly with ginger-rhubarb compote

Best(?) Chocolate Chip Cookie – anything with gratuitous sea salt worth a try.
This fried rice looks delicious ... and healthful to boot.

My stash of Rancho Gordo beans is dwindling, but I need to make this with some of them!

Cod for God? A perfect Lenten meal and so pretty!

Happy eating, friends.  xoxo, -s.

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