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It was raining again during Saturday's farmers' market – bummer. Pickle and I were flying solo as Chris was out of town, parking was a beast and I spilled coffee all over myself trying to maneuver the stroller out of Café Soleil, so all in all, not the best start to our Saturday ritual.

But, boy oh boy, did the farmers make it all the worthwhile! The stands were burgeoning with fresh goodies. Every shade of green was featured with pops of red from the glorious, finally in-season strawberries. There is nothing better than a homegrown strawberry – red all the way through and sweet as sugar. Yum! Pickle had a meltdown midway through the market, but one of those berries made it all better. Oh, the power of food.

At the Market:
Baby beets
Breakfast radishes from Harmony Valley Farm
Escarole from Jones Valley Farms – it was enormous!
Oyster mushrooms
Pencil-thin asparagus – so happy to have one last bunch before the season ends
Red butter lettuce – absolutely gorgeous and so unusual looking!
Spinach from Harmony Valley Farm
Spring onions
Sugar-snap peas

Menu: week of 14 June 2009
Grilled flank steak and escarole with toasted pine nuts, golden raisins in a warm, garlic-lemon vinaigrette (recipe coming soon!)
Grilled, Korean-style Key West Shrimp with scallion pancakes and sautéed sesame sugar-snap peas
Tuesday: Oven-baked meatballs with herbed Greek yogurt and roasted asparagus
Wednesday: Puffed pastry tart with sautéed greens, oyster mushrooms and a roasted-beet and goat cheese salad
Thursday: Pasta with sautéed escarole, Fraboni’s Italian sausage and red onion
Friday: For cocktails on the patio: Breakfast radishes on crostini with softened butter and fleur de sel and a glass of Rosé – summer is finally here!

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