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Our CSA just started up and we are really looking forward to a change in our Saturday morning routine. Every other weekend we’ll be hitting the Mermaid Café for breakfast and our veggie pickup instead of hitting the market. This year we joined Driftless Organics' CSA and so far it’s been a good pick. The boxes are overflowing and the produce is gorgeous.

Our first breakfast/pickup with Pickle went well; I had a proud-mom-moment when Pickle chose to eat my curried egg and avocado sandwich over my husband’s maple-syrup drenched whole-grain waffle! My little culinary adventurer in the making!

In our CSA box:
Green butter lettuce (2 heads)
Green onions
Green garlic
Sugar-snap peas

Menu: week of 28 June 2009
Sunday: Grilled tri-tip steak – Santa Maria Valley-style – with baby romaine salad and baked beans.
Monday: Leftover steak thinly sliced and served with an Asian slaw of cabbage, broccoli and carrot in a curried-peanut dressing (see posted recipe)
Tuesday: Turkey meatloaf sandwiches with tomato jam, butter lettuce salad with edamame and chopped broccoli in an herbed buttermilk dressing
Wednesday: Grilled fish with a cilantro-lime yogurt sauce and sautéed veggies
Thursday: Whole-wheat pasta with sautéed spinach, Fraboni’s Italian sausage and red onion
Friday: Pizza and a movie (even a foodie needs a night off!)

Pickle’s Menu:
squash ravioli, fregole (toasted pearl-shaped pasta) in Mario Batali's red sauce, berries, ricotta frittata, shredded cheese
Dinner: gnocchi in Mario's red sauce; sautéed spinach, spinach cacik (aka tzatziki) with whole-wheat naan, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday menus above.

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  1. I love tri-tip. We always have it when we are in Northern Cali. Sounds yum.