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Tip No. 3 will be coming your way soon. Would love to hear from readers as to what their go-to, quick dinners are ... I may just add them to my repertoire.

Okay, so Saturday was the last outdoor farmers' market of the season at the Dane County Farmers' Market. And, boy, did it go out with a bang. The weather felt more like early September than early November. Everyone was in high spirits and the produce didn't disappoint either. We stocked up on Gentle Breeze Honey and our favorite maple syrup as both vendors won't be at the winter indoor market. I also bought some beef short ribs from my favorite grass-fed beef farmer for a long braise in the oven some coming weekend.

Pickle continues his descent into Picky Land. My former beet-green-eating, winter-squash-loving child won't eat! I just don't know what to feed him at this point. I made him potato and corn chowder this weekend and he wouldn't let it come near his lips. This is the same child who ate bowl after bowl of pureed corn soup this summer. Good grief, as Charlie Brown would say. If anyone has ideas, I am willing to try them! With that, here's what we bought and what most of us will be eating this week.

At the market:
Apple cider
Beef short ribs
Bibb lettuce
Brussel sprouts
Daikon radish
Maple syrup
Red Russian Kale

Menu: week of 9 November 2009
Sunday: Roasted mushroom and salumi pizza
Monday: Sauteed red Russian kale on fresh ricotta bruschetta
Tuesday: Bibb lettuce wraps with larb-style ground pork
Wednesday: Oven-baked turkey kofte with Greek yogurt raita and roasted chickpeas
Thursday: Thai curried squash with coconut milk and red heirloom jasmine rice
Friday: My banh mi
Happy eating, -s.

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  1. Love your blog Sarah! We too walked up to the market on Saturday, what a fabulous morning. We couldn't get enough squash into the stroller. We are living on squash soup this week :-) Do you have any good squash recipes?