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In this photo, Pickle is wearing his awesome new t-shirt from his Uncle Matt and soon-to-be Auntie Leah who live in Philadelphia. The t-shirt helps raise funds for Philly's farmers markets that Matt and Leah frequent. I think it sums up perfectly how I feel about farmers, too. And look at those gorgeous legs!

It's Thanksgiving week, so we'll be eating lean so we can indulge fully on Turkey Day. Can't wait. My mom cooks up quite the feast.

We hit the indoor farmers' market at the Monona Terrace on Saturday and you could tell everyone was loading up for their thanksgiving menus. Squash, carrots, onion, mushrooms, greens and potatoes were overflowing from baskets. An awesome sight to behold.

Thanksgiving really is the true seasonal meal of the year. Think about it ... Turkeys traditionally fatten up for the winter (fat = yummy and juicy); all the side dish components are in season: winter squash, cranberries, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts. For someone who strives to eat seasonally, this is the meal to go hog wild with relative ease.

I'll be posting (if time allows!) some homemade alternatives to using canned soup as a casserole base. Campbell's — watch out! They are easy, wholesome and taste a whole lot better (and have less sodium!) than the canned version while still making Thanksgiving a time to cherish the long-held traditions of the family table.

At the Market:
Butternut squash
Braeburn apples
Mustard greens
Tender baby lettuce

Menu: week of 21 November 2009
Saturday: Potato and sausage stew with spinach and homemade croutons
Sunday: Turkish-style braised green beans with Greek yogurt and whole-grain flatbread (a layover from last week; we had a house showing so we had to eat out.)
Monday: Sauteed mustard greens on fresh ricotta bruschetta
Tuesday: Whole-wheat panko-crusted chicken breasts with baby lettuce salad
Wednesday: Potato korma with basmati rice
Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!
Friday: TBD

Happy eating ... and Thanksgiving! -s.

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