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As I mentioned earlier, I was scheduled to volunteer at REAP's 3rd annual Burgers and Brew event at Capital Brewery on Saturday. Well, if you live in Madison, you will have experienced the deluge that was unleashed from roughly 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Saturday ... right around the time the event was going on.

Now, I thought that I would show up at my shift that started at 5 p.m. and there would be 1) no there and 2) nothing to do. Boy, was I wrong. The place was hopping, the reggae tunes were flowing, people were eating and drinking and chefs were cooking up a storm. And that didn't stop until most of the tents ran out of food. I was supposed to be a "runner" ensuring that tents had everything they needed, but about 45 minutes into my shift I was asked to pour beer at Lombardino's tent, which was very fun. I came home soaking wet from head to toe, but I must say the event was great, the chefs and volunteers were amazing considering that they were cooking in torrential downpours and the attendees -- you guys sure know how to have a good time no matter what the conditions!

Before the weather deteriorated, here's what we found at the Westside Farmers' Market:

At the Market
baby beets
baby sweet red onions
bibb lettuce
Dreamfarm eggs and fresh goat cheese
mint, 2 bunches
strawberries (yay!), 2 quarts
sugar snap peas
Sassy Cow organic whole milk

Menu: week of 6 June 2010
Sunday: enchiladas suizas with lime-butter sauteed sugar snap peas with mint
Monday: roasted beet, bacon and goat cheese sandwiches
Tuesday: asparagus pizza with Rancho Gordo yellow bean salad
Wednesday: broiled wild salmon with yellow bean, beet green and bacon ragout
Thursday: Thai bibb lettuce wraps with sauteed beef, mint and baby red onion
Friday: I don't know yet!
Happy eating, -s.

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