picnic or porch dining must-haves

By Thursday, June 24, 2010 ,

Inspired by the picnic under the stars we will be having for our dinner group this weekend, I thought I would share some of my favorite outdoor-dining accoutrements — some I already have in my arsenal; others I want with religious zeal. Enjoy!

Duraclear barware — this is some fancy plastic! Love the monogram. A mojito or vodka tonic would look smashing in here. At Williams-Sonoma.

Ice bucket — one on each end of the table with a bottle of bubbly chilling inside. At Anthropologie.

Serving (and hauling) tray — this tray is perfect for lugging lots of things in one go, instead of in many trips to and from the house or car. In the off-season, this eco-friendly galvanized version would also be great on a coffee table or desk as well. At Pottery Barn.

Candlelight — a few of these gorgeous lanterns would add such a nice glow as the sun sets. At Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Utensil caddy — for me, anything in this marigold yellow is a must, especially this charming yet modern utensil caddy. I would fill two slots with utensils and the other with a drinking glass filled with flowers — an instant centerpiece that is both functional and frilly. At Crate and Barrel.

Tea towels — picnic fare tends to be a little messy, which is why I forego the normal cloth napkin for a crisp, large, lap-sized dishtowel. At Williams-Sonoma.

Stainless steel cooler — no picnic is possible (or safe from food poisoning) without a big cooler. I just saw this model on Apartment Therapy last week; now I must have it. At coleman.com.

Chairs with flare — love, love, love these chairs. At Wisteria.

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  1. I love those candle holders and the chairs look like fancified union chairs. So darling.