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Happy first day of summer!
I cannot find the cord for my camera to download pictures, which is really disappointing since I have some fantastic photos of delicious vegetables ( I'm sure you are super disappointed too). I have a feeling Pickle has put it where a set of keys has gone as well as a few other small household items. He's a master hider of little things that will magically show up a few months later when you aren't even looking for them. So, long story short ... I have no new food-related photos for this post.

But, I have a really great menu this week that will hopefully get you inspired to get in the kitchen. One of Chris's co-workers couldn't pick up his CSA so Chris brought home some additional veggies to add to the mix - cabbage, more sugar snaps, bibb lettuce and turnips. There's no doubt we'll be eating our veggies this week!

Menu: week of 20 June 2010
Sunday: Chris's father's day dinner of North Carolina-style slow-cooked pork shoulder sandwiched with green cabbage slaw and purple-potato oven fries
Monday: leftover pulled pork sandwiches with watermelon
Tuesday: Thai-style bibb lettuce wraps with ground turkey
Wednesday: sauteed Asian greens on ricotta bruschetta
Thursday: roasted broccoli pasta with lemon, pine nuts and golden raisins
Friday: fingerling potato and rosemary pizza

Happy eating, -s.

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